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From the Norm 

We are a Hong Kong-based marketing agency that empowers brands and merchants with social commerce capabilities, AI, and technology 

through our comprehensive suite of interconnected proprietary products and services for clients who strive to stand out from the crowd.


About MaxLytics

Empowered by the expansive expertise of PressLogic Group, a
AdTech ecosystem company with 260+ 
passionate and skilled individuals across 6 dynamic Asia-Pacific regions united by a shared passion to cultivate exceptional growth for our esteemed clients, Maxlytics offer data-driven tailor-made, and effective total solution packages for clients.

Maxlytics is dedicated to empowering brands and merchants with social commerce capabilities, AI, and technology through our comprehensive suite of interconnected proprietary products and services.

At Maxlytics, Ad intelligence and data analytic product, MediaLens, provides valuable insights for analytical decision-making and builds data-driven content strategies. Driven by MediaLens, the proprietary 9 diversified media brands have been successfully creating engaging and analytic content strategies that resonate with audiences across multiple platforms. The e-commerce marketplace, TapNow, further completes Maxlytics' one-stop solution from data, content to conversions and increases ROI and ROAS for clients.

By leveraging the power of data, mar-tech, and content strategy, PressLogic Group and Maxlytics have successfully delivered outstanding marketing results for over 1,000 client projects. 

What We Offer

Data-Driven Content Marketing

Our AdTech ecosystem of PressLogic Group comprises a diverse portfolio of market-leading digital media brands in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Korea, and Malaysia. We rapidly accumulate our target communities to over 13 million followers across our 9 media brands in the APAC region.


We are here to power you up

Content is King. Let's take your brand to new heights with our industry-leading technology and data-driven approach to content strategy.


Media Brands


Followers & Subscribers


Monthly Unique Visitors


Monthly Pageviews

Find Which Media Brand Works Best For You.

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Strong Machine Learning Data Support

Stay on top of your competitors with Ad Intelligence


With our proprietary Ad intelligence and data-driven analytics SaaS products, MediaLens, you can effortlessly transform valuable data insights into viral content and optimize your ROI performance.

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Performance Marketing

From data to results: we deliver the most effective marketing impacts.

We go beyond traditional marketing approaches by delivering unique end-to-end solutions that span from data, contents with high engagement to conversions. We strive to deliver real results for you.

E-commerce Marketplace For Conversion

Join our seamless conversion journey.


With our end-to-end solutions from content, data-driven technology and e-commerce marketplace, we provide customised partnership plan and perform effective targeted advertising for high conversion, and drive up to 20x ROI and ROAS for your business.



Monthly Active Users

Campaign & Event Management

At Maxlytics, we leverage our diverse media brands and e-commerce marketplace to engage your target audience and generate higher ROI.

From product launches to influencer campaigns and experiential events, we bring creativity and conversions to every project.


GirlStyle|Successful brand collaborations to promote physical and mental well-being


BusinessFocus|Business Award to promote industry leaders and outstanding brands

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SEO & SEM Services

Achieve SEO & SEM success with ease - let our data-driven technology and content experts handle the heavy lifting.


As a company with 9 online media brands, we have a unique advantage over other traditional agencies. With over 5 million monthly unique visitors and 25 million monthly pageviews, our brands provide a significant platform for supporting your brand's keyword strategy, acting as a winning content hub for your brand, and generating high-quality backlinks for your brand's website. Our comprehensive and integrated approach to SEM also covers everything from insightful data analysis, compelling ad copy to PPC and traffic optimization.

The best AI-powered analytics,
content and technology experiences live
here - only on



Ultimately, we focus on delivering measurable results for clients, whether it be increased branding, traffic, engagment or conversions.



We are a team of creative professionals who can come up with unique and innovative ideas to help clients stand out in their respective markets.



The marketing landscape is constantly evolving and we adapt to changes quickly and stay ahead of the curve.

We also understand the needs and pain points of clients to create bespoke and effective marketing campaigns that resonate with the target audience.

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