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Campaign & Event Management

From data analytics, content creation to event management, we handle everything so that you can focus on what's important - your business.


GirlStyle|Successful brand collaborations to promote brand's products, physical and mental well-being of audiences.


BusinessFocus|Business Award to promote industry leaders and outstanding brands

At Maxlytics, we pride ourselves on offering a total solution for event and campaign management that sets us apart from traditional agencies.

At Maxlytics, our team analyzes target audiences' preferences and buzzwords to create compelling campaigns and events that drive high engagement and in-person interactions.

We first transform valuable data insights into viral promotional content and optimize your ROI performance. We utilize our diverse media brands and data-driven content marketing to engage your target audience.


MamiDaily|Tailored prenatal seminar for mom & baby care brands with receiving overwhelming responses and engagment


PressLogic|Learning Hub event brings hundreds of marketers together to discuss the latest trends in MediaTech

We also provide an online lifestyle marketplace with 100,000+ monthly active users for event ticketing to complete your promotion and conversion needs.

We offer a comprehensive suite of tools and platforms to help you manage your events and campaigns, and achieve exceptional results.


Our AI data analytics platform, diverse media brands, and online marketplace for locally found lifestyle experiences, are designed to provide you with valuable data insights, marketing channels, and event ticketing processes to drive engagements and higher conversions.

Enjoy our all-rounded solution from increased brand awareness, customer loyalty, engagement and conversions.

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