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Strong Machine Learning Data Support

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We leverage data insights to optimize processes, make better decisions and achieve unparalleled levels of growth.

Turn guesswork into science,
unlock the mist of social media.

How does Ad intelligence help?


With our proprietary Ad intelligence and data-driven analytics SaaS products, MediaLens, you can effortlessly transform valuable data insights into viral content and optimize your ROI performance.

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Until now, MediaLens has powered us with powerful data analysis of our reader groups for our 9 media brands, which has enabled us to rapidly accumulate over 13 million followers.
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Stay on top of your competitors with Ad Intelligence

With MediaLens, you can effortlessly access popular feeds, news, comments, and trending topics from the internet 24/7 in real-time. By examining the hottest topics within various interest groups, the AI system recommends content that has the potential to become viral. This process is self-reinforcing, as it improves with each new piece of content published, and it also aids in enhancing the creative process to achieve better outcomes.


Essentially, MediaLens utilizes data to create a powerful media network in the digital realm.


Social profiles monitored


Facebook and Instagram posts monitored


Total monitored Ad Value
in 2022 (HKD)

How Machine Learning Data System Works?

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Stay on top of your competitors with Ad Intelligence

Ad Intelligence is an advanced social media listening and monitoring tool that provides insight to perfect your content and advertising strategy with industry secrets from your competitors, and the industry as a whole.


Real-time, 24/7 analysis ensures you're the first to know if your competitor makes a move and gives you valuable insight into their content and advertising strategy. It can help you observe, see what works, what doesn't, and improve your content strategy with your competitor's mistakes. Enhance your social media listening and monitoring and discover engaging topics for audiences in Hong Kong now.

  • Track industrial and advertisers' spending and benchmarking

  • Monitor campaign data of yours and competitors'

  • Track the Ad value of competitors

  • Organize a practical content calendar

  • Monitor dark post

Struggling to find new ideas for content? Buzz real-time track hot topics across the town so you can get foresight on content trends with viral potential. With Keyword Cloud, Keywords and Hashtags usage frequency and engagement are displayed in a heatmap so you can refine your content with the best keyword composition to attract more engagement. Enjoy top social media insight services at the click of a button.

  • Build viral content from the latest trends

  • Grab keywords cloud

  • Monitor up-&-rising trend

  • Social listening on keywords

Image by Richard Horvath
Predict the next big thing with Buzz
Image by Richard Horvath
Social Media Performance Analysis

Social media listening and monitoring has never been easier. MediaLens offers social media performance analysis of you and your competitors, diligent market insights and benchmarking, in-depth ad-tracking summary, and other content performance analytic tools, get relevant and actionable insight and use it.

  • Visualize page and post-level insight

  • Analyse competitor keywords and hashtag

  • Find the best publishing time

  • Provide editor performance and metrics

  • Streamline monitoring and competitor analysis

  • Sort influencer’s performance metrics

  • Influencer, publisher, and brand rankings

  • Smart selection on high-profile influencers  

  • Ad Value to reflect realistic market value

Get behind the influencer marketing curtain. Discover a wide range of rising influencers and publishers ranked by key performance and efficiency, helping you to make data-driven decisions on influencers selection and campaign KPI benchmark. Use an advanced AI influencer analysis tool to help plan and enhance your KOL marketing. Never pay another influencer marketing platform without accurate data and predictions on their performance in Hong Kong again.

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Influencer Marketing Analysis

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