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The Next Big Things in Light Medical Aesthetics

Light medical aesthetics have shifted from traditional approaches towards safety and popularization. It has become increasingly popular in Hong Kong due to their ability to provide noticeable results without invasive procedures.

Additionally, the rise of social media platforms where influencers and celebrities promote non-invasive treatments has led to a growing interest in aesthetic medicine among younger generations, who see these treatments as a way to boost confidence and enhance their appearance.

In this article, we will explore highlights of social media performance in the medical beauty industry from Jan 2022 - Dec 2022, with data provided by MediaLens.

1) Top-performing Medical Beauty advertisers within the industry in Q1 - Q4 2022 according to the number of contents, engagements and average engagements were reenex, ALYSSA, DR REBORN, VITAE, OASIS, Perfect Medical and perFACE.

Among all top advertisers, most of them have long-established around 20 years and being pioneers of the medical beauty industry, e.g. reenex, DR REBORN, OASIS and Perfect Medical. Meanwhile, new rising brands of recent years with large ad budgets like ALYSSA and VITAE aimed to run large scale promotions to cover most of the audience in the Hong Kong market.

2) Focusing on one or two hero treatments to represent a brand is easier to occupy the market than being a one-stop medical service center for all aspects of medical aesthetics treatments. Clear marketing messages of top advertisers of 2022 included FaceGym心形輪廓 of VITAE, “極緻冷凍光學膠原自生療程” of reenex and “隔空溶脂” of ALYSSA.

3) Repetition is a skill commonly used in medical beauty advertisements. When consumers receive the message multiple times, they will take action. Although it can increase brand awareness and consumer recall, it may also lead to consumer fatigue, in which consumers become tired of an ad and have a negative impression of the brand.

To improve ad effectiveness, it is recommended to reduce ad frequency and use more creative angles to limit repetitiveness.

4) 免費體驗 or 優惠價體驗 are still highly used marketing strategies in the medical beauty industry. This kind of promotion can let large fans base KOLs see the effectiveness of the treatments at once and attract KOL's fans to try their first treatments with discounted offers. For example, 隔空溶脂 was only $1122 for two times treatments, and 免費體驗 reenex膠原自生療程.

5) Medical Beauty brands like to use publishers with a focus on beauty and fashion such as, Cosmopolitan, More etc. Among all publishers, GirlStyle女生日常 contributed around 12,000 of IG Video Views, which means audience like to watch video posts through this platform. This can benefit advertisers who focus on promoting their treatments via video posts.


6) Light medical aesthetics will be new trend of the medical beauty industry with many rising new brands, e.g. VITAE and AMOUR. These brands focus on improving the cosmetic appearance of consumers through the use of medical and cosmetic treatments. These are referred to as non-surgical treatments and are typically non-invasive or minimally invasive and less aggressive compared to surgical interventions, e.g. 隔空溶脂 and FaceGym心形輪廓.

7) The need for high-end luxury beauty services is looking forward to expanding in the coming years. As the government regulations on COVID have been lifted, ladies with high purchasing power look for a cozy and indulgent environment to relax and enjoy beauty treatments together with a high level of service, e.g. perFACE, and VITAE.

perFACE new beauty clubhouse was opened at The Peninsula Arcade in July 2022. It enables consumers to enjoy body-slimming treatments in a five-star environment. On the other hand, VITAE also located its latest beauty center at Peninsula Office Tower in Aug 2022, which will create direct competition in the high-end beauty market.

8) Demand for body shaping treatments is expected to rise significantly in 2023, with more customers looking for non-invasive treatments for body sculpting services. Compared to traditional weight loss methods such as fasting and workout, medical aesthetics is providing a variety of choice of Lipolysis treatments like 冷凍溶脂 CoolSculpting, 隔空溶脂 BTL Vanquish ME™ and 熱光溶脂 Swiss Reju. Consumers may compare the difference and choose the most suitable treatments to achieve desirable results.

The photo sources for this content include MediaLens and the internet.


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